the adrift of samus aran

The inaugural entry in Fathom’s SYSTEM/CIRCULATORY SERIES for avant-garde games writing, THE ADRIFT OF SAMUS ARAN chronicles the myriad and mired livings of Nintendo’s greatest heroine. Vince’s fifteen-part persona poem is written with the in-and-out poise of a scientist-diarist, blurring dissection and vocative; the seriousness of its approach is a direct challenge to fanfic-style, soft video game ekphrasis.

‘There isn’t a trace of filtering here, no decanting, the modernist complexity of space adventure finds its proper complex form amidst Anselm Hollo-like mis- and overhearings. Vince’s gift is in this splicing, where the innovative, the original, meets the discovered phrase.’

—SJ Folwer

from Fathom Books (US). 2017.

OWENGV / LDN, UK / 2k18.0777