Poem art-text sequence accompanying Mirko Canesi’s solo show, CONTRA, at David Dale Gallery, Glasgow.

‘Mirko Canesi’s artistic research revolves around the concept of reality, and how it could be modified, perceived and utilised. In the artist’s vision there are no such things as barriers between sides and his goal is to unite what appears distant and incompatible, making different bodies co-exist to give rise to a third way.‘ — from the exhibition guide

‘Later island is future; knowing that no Body is capable
    of withstanding the pressure of remembering
    its own annihilation – of how No Body is capable
    of remembering its own murder . the facility was stabbed
    with Different elements; white covered and graceless
    men , who arched their fingers around their fingers;
    and shot white, brilliant air into the sky .’
— from Pleasure Not Cruel Facility

OWENGV / LDN, UK / 2k18.0777